Can an Online Casino Kick me out for Winning?

By 25 February 2022

The simple answer to this question is yes. An online casino can ban you for winning, but it depends on the circumstance surrounding the ban. Most often, you can find the answer to this question in an online casino's terms of service. But most online casino players don't read it. They just agree to the terms and conditions. A legit casino will not ban you for winning when you land winning by wagering according to its terms and conditions. However, you'd keep in mind that online casinos have the legal right to ban you if circumstances permit the ban.

Things that can Lead to Ban in an Online Casino

Can an online casino ban you for winning? Why do players get kicked out of online casinos? Look out social media group or forum, you will a story of how peoples account were closed by online casinos. There are a couple of reasons that can make an online casino ban you. However, winning according to the casino's terms and conditions is not one of them. In this part of the post, we are going to explore a few reasons that can trigger a ban in an online casino. We want to explore them because we wouldn't want you to be a victim of circumstances.

  • Creation of multiple accounts.
  • Unable to complete account verifications.
  • Using a payment method that isn't in your name.

When you decide to play at a particular casino, ensure that you create only one account. This is because a lot of casinos frown at multiple accounts. Creating more than one account in a casino can cause the casino to void your winnings, refusing to pay you, or even closing your account. Casinos usually state the action that they will take on a player found to have multiple accounts. If you've more than an account in an online casino, ensure that you delete all the accounts that are traceable to you, leaving only the one that you will be playing with.

Most casinos always require their players to undergo account verifications. The online casinos will always state this in their terms and conditions. They will state the documents and the format that you will need to submit to them. Customer's verification is something they must do to meet up with their licencing responsibilities. Unable to make available the documents required to verify your account could make the casino withhold your payments or even ban your account. The documents casinos usually ask you to submit for verification are Passport Driving License or National Identity Card, Utility Bill or Bank statements, and Copies of payment solutions used.

An Online Casino has the Right to Ban you for Winning

Though we previously said that online casino won't ban you when you gamble in a manner that does not breach their terms of service, keep in mind that online casino can also ban you with no explanation. You'll usually see this in their terms and conditions that “A casino has the legal right to close an account at its own discretion with no explanation.” Thus, even if you wager according to terms and conditions, they have the legal right to ban you. Though this rarely happens because a reputable online casino will not want to cheat you of your winnings if you win by wagering normal.

However, we just want to bring to your notice that an online casino has the right to close your account with no explanation. Technically, it is online casinos legal right, but they cannot simply ban you for winning. However, if you land winnings through means that go against online casino's terms and conditions, it is more likely that will either void the winning or ban your account. So it is essential to carefully read an online casino's terms and conditions before choosing to them. This information will help to know what the casino expects from you as their customer.